A breath of fresh air and flare in the West Coast, Anelia Resort Spa is a newly built 4-star resort with 150 rooms. Anelia, the name, epitomises the peaceful harmonization of our multi-cultural and diverse society and takes you to a journey of discovery and fun. Anelia Resort Spa offers a panoply of accommodation ranging from individual villas set in an authentic village creole, guest rooms in typical Mauritian architecture to the new superior rooms designed in modern and contemporary style.

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Asistenta turistica locala; Avion Bucuresti-Viena-Mauritius Bucuresti - Mauritius; Taxe de aeroport; Catering; Avion Mauritius-Viena-Bucuresti Mauritius - Bucuresti; Package commission; Promo Lansare!!! Locuri limitate

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Sejururi cu avionul din Bucuresti catre Anelia Resort Spa, Mauritius, Mauritius

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